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The Funny Moon

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The Funny Moon

Rootstock Publishing, 2023

Claire is a massage therapist who can communicate with animals and talk to people on the Other Side. Wally is a burned out adman and wannabe novelist, avoiding reality by obsessing on his golf game. After twenty-five years of marriage, she still loves him, but lately doesn’t like him. When Wally moves out after a fight, Claire is suddenly alone, facing her fears, flaws, and fantasies, while dealing with her man-eating best friend, a wealthy older suitor, her tai chi master, and a wisecracking dog.


Meanwhile, above his friend’s garage, Wally imagines literary glory as he struggles to keep his one remaining ad client from firing him. When things unexpectedly turn in his favor, he is eager to win Claire back. But will she give up her newfound freedom and sense of self to give their rocky relationship another chance?


For fans of Elinor Lipman and Jennifer Weiner, The Funny Moon is a literary romp about the challenges of marriage, self-discovery, and personal fulfillment with a New Age twist.

C. B. Clemency

“Janet Evanovich meets Wallace Stegner—a very funny, very well crafted novel.”
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