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Playing the Game

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Playing the Game: Inside Athletic Recruiting in the Ivy League

Nomad Press, 2004

Playing the Game offers readers the first detailed, inside look at exactly how the athletic recruiting game is played by coaches, prospective students, parents, administrators, admission officers, and even college presidents in the Ivy League and its Division III counterpart, the NESCAC. Here is the inside story on why this specialized process has caused so much controversy on campus and off.

Bill LIttlefield, host of National Public Radio's Only A Game

“Chris Lincoln has done an exceptional job of explaining a recruiting process that will surprise a lot of folks who think they know all about the Ivy League. The interviews, stories and analyses Lincoln presents may dismay non-athletes who'd like to attend Ivy League schools when they realize the exceptional admissions advantages enjoyed by recruited youngsters. But Playing The Game should also help lead to the development of more open and fair systems determining who plays (and studies) where.” 
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